Known Conversion Issues

There are some cases where conversion is not possible due to information being lost during the initial parsing of the RST document.



The inline :index: cannot be inferred from the sphinx.ast

Is this the same :index:`some text <single: paragraph>`

has the following xml structure

    Is this the same
    <index entries="('single',\ 'paragraph',\ 'index-1',\ '',\ None)">
    <target ids="index-1">
    some text

and the index doesn’t wrap some text that is contained in the original rst role.

A warning is issued to identify the document and line number.

It appears that the index role is inline for deprecation in sphinx=4.0



Given the :dedent: action is already applied to the associated Text element it will not need to be added as an option in myst output. Therefore the resulting myst document will not contain the :dedent: option.