Contribute to sphinx-tomyst

We’re excited you’re here and want to contribute. ✨

Development guidelines

For information about development conventions, practices, and infrastructure, please see the executablebooks/ development guidelines.

Getting started

To get started with the sphinx-tomyst codebase, take the following steps:

Step 1: Clone and install the package

git clone

Next, install:

pip install -e .[testing,code_style]

This will install sphinx-tomyst locally, along with the packages needed to test it as well as packages for ensuring code style.

Step 2: Install the pre-commit hooks

sphinx-tomyst uses pre-commit to ensure code style and quality before a commit is made. This ensures that the look and feel remain consistent over time and across developers. pre-commit is installed when you install sphinx-tomyst with pip install -e .[code_style].

To enable pre-commit for your clone, run the following from the repository root:

pre-commit install

From now on, when you make a commit to sphinx-tomyst, pre-commit will ensure that your code looks correct according to a few checks.

Step 3: Run the tests

For code tests, sphinx-tomyst uses pytest. You may run all the tests with the following command: